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Policies & Priorities



I believe renewable energy is the future. We need to look at incorporating more renewable energy including replacing our aging infrastructure with electric vehicles and solar power to support our city. 

PG is one of the most walkable cities in California, but not all of our sidewalks support that.  I support sidewalk repairs on all our streets with a priority on the streets used by students and families to get to and from school.

Responsive & Responsible Government 

Lately it seems we have some career politicians telling us things can’t be done and why not.  I believe we need to look at all of the possibilities and say yes and how.  Sometimes the best way isn’t the easiest way, but that’s not how a lot of city politicians think.  


The tree at Jewell Park is a prime example of not being proactive and taking the easy way out.  If the tree had been managed correctly (the roots not cut to accommodate the sidewalk) in the first place, we wouldn’t have had to go to the extreme measure of removing it.  We have tree species in this city that have an estimated life span of 60-80 years that are approaching 100 years or more.  What is our plan to keep these trees healthy and when the time comes that they can’t be saved, what is our replacement plan?  We need a proactive plan instead of waiting to deal with it when it comes down on a house in the next storm.  

NOAA Building

I will not support any change of zoning that would allow development of the property and the NOAA building beyond its current use.  


I commit to explaining every vote I cast.  

Here you will find my updated blog on my activities and my vote.

Eliminating Two Seats

I do not support eliminating seats from the City Council.  Here are a few reasons why:​
-If long council meetings are the issue, let's remove the unnecessary topics and turn them over to the city manager and staff for resolution.  The council agendas need to be streamlined and only items that warrant a place on the agenda should be added.  I also believe the council meetings shouldn’t go past 10:00 PM  (I attended one that didn’t end until 11:24 PM).  This is not a transparent process as it keeps working people from being able to attend.  To reduce meeting lengths, I would support an additional meeting in months where the agenda is too full to be completed by 10:00 PM

-Reducing the number of council members to five will result in additional delays and backlogs. Last month, the City Council had three people missing from a scheduled council meeting.  Had this been a five- person council, there wouldn’t have been a quorum and the meeting would have been postponed. And as I know from my time on the DEI Committee, the Brown Act limits each subcommittee of a five-person council to no more than two members. That puts an undue burden on a small group of people for all the research and reporting required. 

-The City Council is a volunteer position.  Reducing the number of council members will not  save us any money and will make the council less productive.  It will require more boards, commissions, and outside agency responsibilities for fewer, remaining volunteers, adding work and giving them less flexibility with their own obligations. 

-Making the council smaller could lead to extremist wings taking over the city.  This looks like a power grab and I believe it is dangerous for the long-term health of our city.

About Tina Rau

I grew up in PG and started my career here.  I moved all over Northern California, but my heart stayed in PG.  Five years ago, in anticipation of retirement, we bought a house here, fixed it up and almost four years ago made PG our forever home.

Beth and Tina.jpeg

I live here with my wife Beth and our senior rescue dog, Eva.  

I retired in 2021 and would like to dedicate my retirement to public service.  For the past eight months,

I have served as the Chair of the newly formed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force, as well as volunteering at vaccination clinics in underserved communities to ensure everyone has access to the care they need.  

I am a public servant, not a politician.  We may not agree on every issue, but I will make all of my decisions based on what is best for Pacific Grove.   

Update:  On Friday, August 26th we said goodbye to our little girl Eva.  She passed peacefully at home.  Our hearts are forever changed.   



Join me at the PG Farmer's Market:

September 19, 26

October 3, 24, 31

Candidate Forum Presented by the PG Chamber of Commerce

September 20 @ 6:00 

515 Junipero 

Join me at the Women's Wave for Reproductive Rights-YES ON 1

Window on the Bay Monterey

October 8th 10:00-Noon

Bring your friends, bring your signs


Call to Action

Contact Tina Rau

Young people are going to have to live with the results of climate change, energy dependance, healthcare, and the existential threat to our democracy.


The only way to change course on these items is to get engaged and do the most important thing, VOTE!

(831) 204-0394

PO Box #144

Pacific Grove CA 93950


I believe we live in one of the most beautiful cities.

We need to be guardians of the environment,

better collaboration and partnership with the school district, and manage our city in a responsive and responsible manner.

We need a strong small business base in our four commercial districts. 


We need to improve our city infrastructure, starting with sidewalk repair, investing in a recycled water distribution system, and tree preservation.

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