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Policies & Priorities

American Tin Cannery (ATC)

In 2016, the voters of Pacific Grove approved a zoning change to allow a hotel to be developed on the site of the American Tin Cannery (ATC) Outlet Mall.  This measure passed with 59% support.  I will not override the will of the people. My role is to act as a steward to make sure that the development meets the needs of the city, its residents, and visitors.  This development needs to be respectful of the environment and adhere to the recommendations of the Coastal Commission. I will work hard to make sure that it does.

Dog Park

I have spoken with a lot of people in the last few months who ask me the same question I have been pondering, why doesn’t PG have a dog park?  Dog Parks serve a lot of purposes, from bringing the community together, to providing a gathering place for dogs to get exercise and develop social skills, as well as keeping dogs off trails and other locations where they do not belong.  The entire community can benefit from a dog park and I will work with the recreation department to find a great spot to put one. 

Water and Housing

Water and Housing are two huge issues that are interconnected. They are bigger than Pacific Grove or any other peninsula city can tackle alone. Each city is faced with the same challenges. PG should collaborate with the others to find solutions and execute them to everyone's benefit. We should leverage the full weight of the federal and state governments to help us. Although solutions will not be easy, we need to address them and not continue to kick the can down the road to the next generation.

Incubator Space 

Right now, it is difficult to start a small business in PG and we need to create an environment that makes it easier - not harder - to start a small business. We need to leverage a large, vacant retail space to help small businesses and restaurants get started. This allows them to share expenses so they have a chance to get on their feet. Once established, they can then expand into their own space.


M and N

I am in favor of a cannabis dispensary in Pacific Grove.  Our residents are going to Carmel and Seaside to shop or order for delivery.  It is difficult to see our tax dollars going to other cities, some estimate that to be between $250,000-$350,000 annually.  This is money that would be better spent in Pacific Grove, on infrastructure or other worthwhile projects.  

Accessible Play Area

We do not have a spot for families with special needs children to play.  I will propose we use part of an existing playground to provide an accessible place where all children can feel welcome.  

Skate Park

Over the last couple of months, the community has made a request to build a skate park. I support the concept. A skate park will get kids (and adults) off the couch or away from a computer and get them exercising and helping build a strong community. I will look for input from the city, the recreation department, and PGPD to determine the best place for one. My main concern is safety and I believe that the location must be safe to skateboard to and from and must adhere to all vehicle and pedestrian laws.  I do not believe that George Washington Park meets that criteria.  The City of Pacific Grove will not have the estimated $700,000 it will take to complete this project so the park construction will need to be financed through community and private donations.

Small Business Scholarships 

If young people leave this city to go to collage or trade school and do not come back, the city will fade. We need to encourage the students to move back by helping them start their own businesses. Small business scholarships, paired with consultations on working through permit processes, would go a long way to helping these entrepreneurs get established. They could also benefit from the incubator space discussed here.

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